Smart Luck History Editor

Smart Luck History Editor 1.0

Smart Luck History Editor that works with Filtering Full Wheel Generator (See all)

This will allow you to view and edit Smart Luck History files, set ranges, select histories, change properties when lotteries change and view extended statistics about the drawings and the numbers drawn. Of course, it does not have all the charts of Advantage Plus, but it does have some new features that were not in the original Advantage Plus and should be of particular use to FFWG users.
Smart Luck History files are compressed binary files created by Advantage Plus or SlhEdit which contain structure and drawing details for a lottery.
All Smart Luck wheeling programs can use this formation in making and testing wheels but only SlhEdit (or Advantage Plus) can make changes to these files - including updating the drawings.
Once SlhEdit is installed, clicking on an slh file will cause Windows to open that file in SlhEdit. Press F1 within SlhEdit to access the help file.

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